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Nantucket Nest thermostat installations

Nantucket NestThe Nest thermostat has become very popular and rightfully so, it took something that hadn’t changed in years and brought it into the 21st century – with style. The problem I’ve been noticing lately is that many of them are wired and configured improperly, sometimes even causing parts of the HVAC system to become inoperable. This is why an understanding of heating/cooling stages, system types and wiring is crucial for the Nest to work it’s magic while keeping your systems running the way it should.

What sets Nantucket Networks apart is our ability to install Nest Thermostats properly on complex heating and cooling systems. We have personally worked with local HVAC companies to learn about these HVAC systems and how to properly wire them for multi-fuel and multi-stage heating and cooling. With our IT expertise and HVAC experience we guarantee you’ll love your Nest Learning thermostat! – Contact us about Nest today.

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