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Matt Baty


I grew up in a small town in Virginia, and managed to get my hands on my first IBM by the age 10, I’ve been hooked on learning new technology ever since. Deciding to pursue that obsession formally led me to move west and attended Boise State University to study information technology management with an emphasis on network design. While at University my IT career started as a network engineer at digital marketing agencies, which allowed me to work on projects with technology leaders like HP, Boeing, and Motorola.

I discovered the charm and character of Nantucket while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard at Station Brant Point. Now, after many years away I moved back to the place and community I love.

Favorite piece of technology: Space Exploration and iPhone
What you like to do in your free time: Spending time with my two daughters and our dog and traveling to historic places.
Favorite place you’ve visited: Rome, Italy


Business Manager

I was born and raised in West Michigan (where I currently live). I served in the Coast Guard on Nantucket from 2012 to 2017 and was lucky enough to meet my wife there. We have a beautiful son with a baby girl on the way, and we spend a lot of time on island visiting our family and friends. I found a love for business after my time in the Coast Guard and have owned and operated multiple businesses since then. I am excited to be a part of the Nantucket Networks team and help serve the amazing Nantucket community!

Favorite piece of technology: Airplanes! Specifically, the Cirrus Vision Jet
What you like to do in your free time: Boating/beach, golfing, traveling, and spending time with my wife and kids.
Favorite place you’ve visited: St. John, Virgin Islands

Lindsay / Nantucket Networks


IT Specialist

Originally from Alameda in the East Bay, I started coming out here periodically after 2011 to visit my Grandmother and liked it enough to stay. I love history, nature, and traveling so I’m looking forward to exploring everything the East Coast has to offer!

Favorite piece of technology: My phone because I can do everything from it
What you like to do in your free time: Digital art mainly, watercolor, bike riding, reading, and most recently stained glass and ceramics.
Favorite place you’ve visited: This one’s tough but I’d have to say Prague; they really know how to have a Christmas market!

Chris / Nantucket Networks


Sr. IT Specialist

Born in New Jersey, raised mostly in Florida, but now living in Texas, I’m also one of the remote employees. I’ve always had a fascination with computers since I was young so I’ve often gone well out of my way to explore them and learn as much as possible. I might even have a more intricate home network than some businesses because of it! Aside from computers, I really enjoy cooking, video games, fantasy novels, rock and metal music, and of course, spending time with my lovely fiance!

Favorite piece of technology: Probably air conditioning. Nothing is more uncomfortable than the heat!
What you like to do in your free time: I’m always found playing RPG video games with loud music to accompany them. I also enjoy trying to cook different styles and cuisines.
Favorite place you’ve visited: Anywhere where there’s food!


Low Voltage Technician

I’m Errol Anderson and I am the low voltage technician here at Nantucket Networks. I’m a very friendly, energetic and humble person. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica (ya mon). Amongst being a Low Voltage technician, I’m a dad to a handsome little boy and husband to a beautiful wife.

Favorite piece of technology: My smartphone, it makes communication a lot easier.
What you like to do in your free time: I like to hang out with friends, work on cars and play video games to clear my mind.
Favorite place you’ve visited: My number one happy place is being around my wife and son, along with being in my garage working on my car or house projects.

Michael / Nantucket Networks


Jr. IT Specialist

Hey there! My name is Mike Fusiek and I am a Computer Science Graduate from Suffolk University. I was born in Dorchester, raised in Braintree and I’ve been on and off Nantucket since I was about 10 years old and have been constantly loving it ever since. I was born bilingual with the other half being Polish.

Favorite piece of technology: Virtual Reality
What you like to do in your free time: In my free time I like to write stories, watch old monster movies and to
Favorite place you’ve visited: Costa Rica

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