nantucket networks


Nantucket Networks is an innovative full-service technology company headquartered on Nantucket Island. We offer customized technology solutions to meet the unique needs of small businesses and Nantucket’s custom designed homes.

Leveraging our multidisciplinary approach gives us a unique foundation to assess your needs and craft custom solutions that fit your business, home and lifestyle. Our team of professionals are trained and certified in their areas of expertise and are ready to serve you.



Nantucket Managed Services

Managed Services

Nantucket Networks offers a range of professional, managed IT services to keep your business systems operational and secure. Our Unlimited IT™ service is like having your own IT staff for a fraction of the cost.


In this age of connectivity, reliable network connectivity is indispensable. With over 15 years experience in enterprise networking, Nantucket Networks can help you with even the most complex project.


Nantucket Networks utilizes advanced technology, innovative design, and best practices to develop immersive entertainment and home control systems. We make blending advanced technology into your home’s design easy and reliable.

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