In this age of connectivity, secure and fast networking is indispensable. At Nantucket Networks, we offer robust wireless networking solutions, low voltage wire installation and network security evaluations and integration.

Structured Wiring Nantucket

Structured Cabling

Nantucket Networks will design and install low voltage cabling throughout your home or business to create a serviceable and upgradable wire infrastructure. This structured cabling becomes the backbone of your wireless network, audio video systems, building to building links, and internet service provider uplinks.

Proper design, wire terminations, and labeling is essential to a reliable and fast network that stands the test of time.

Wireless Networking

If you want reliable and fast WIFI in your home or business we have over 15 years experience installing enterprise grade wireless networks for business and large residential properties. We offer advanced configurations for secure WIFI, outdoor connectivity, marketing capture and much more.

Wired Networking and Security

Secure your network infrastructure with VLAN implementation and tools that prevent network intrusion, inbound malware attacks and access to prohibited network resources. By using simple and proven network security practices, we ensure optimal network security.

Nantucket fiber Optic Services

Optical Fiber Installation

Fiber optic cabling can travel longer distances than copper while also providing 10x the bandwidth. Fiber optic cabling is also less susceptible to interference, surge and corrosion. Nantucket Networks provides full service fiber optic installation of single mode (OS) and multimode (OM) cabling, fusion splicing and repairs.

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